Isnin, Oktober 27, 2008

Kapasitor Rekomen!!

Heya friends,

Since there are so many things in Kapasitor that we need to update, I think it would be better if we release the 1st batch first. The 1st batch updates are:

Rekomen comes from Bahasa Melayu word means recommend. This is a new tool for all of us to read @ enjoy posts based on recommendations by the members of Kapasitor. This is not only good for the current members, but also good to new member to know what Kapasitor has to offer. So, I suggest you start digging kapasitor and start Rekomen!!-ding.

A new addition and only applies to Creative Writings. It's a tool for you to discuss and elaborate any of the posts submitted by members from your point of view. It is different from Comments because Kapasitor: Reviews is meant to be educational and in serious mood. It must be in article format where you have to write it properly.

I personally hope that you wouldnt get confused with movie reviews or book reviews. These kind of reviews should be sent to Kapasitor: Community.

what's the different between Comment and Rekomen!! and Review?

Rekomen!! is a recomendation and suggestion tool.

Comment is basically a simple feedback.

Review is a discussion and elaboration tool from your point of view in response to the particular post.

Previously known as Activities :p

4. Minor updates on the top navigation bar for better userbility, main page of My.Kapasitor and the main page of Kapasitor. 

5. Added Rekomen!! list in main page Bahasa Melayu, English and Bahasa Indonesia

6. New download! PANDU​AN PENUL​ISAN DAN MENGH​ANTAR​ KARYA written by serunaifaqir.

That's all

Khamis, Oktober 16, 2008

The Prestigious MSC APICTA 2008

It was a prestigious night. I believe some may call the oscar of ICT Innovations in Malaysia. With 18 awards,  Merits and Prime Minister Award, MSC APICTA surely would become one of the biggest and greatest ICT Awards throughout the region.

that is the winner of E-Community category

that's Kapasitor as one of the finalists

Kapasitor is one of the finalist in E-community/E-Inclusion category. Eventhough we didnt won, I dont take it as a failure. All finalists are already the best in their own way and surely decision to pick up only one winner is not an easy task for the judges.

Congratulations to Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology for being the winner of the category and MIMOS with the Merit.

the winner

My thank yous also go to those who have PMed, SMSed, YMed me. For admin team, dont worry. We still have time to forgo our dreams and I thankful for your support. For Kapasitorians, thanks for your support. We appreciate  that.

Thank you friends (terharu)

Me & Njay

Jumaat, Oktober 10, 2008

MSC APICTA! Here we come ;)


So, it's confirmed already. We managed to get to the final stage and must have ourself ready for the awarding ceremony on 15th October 2008. But, I am not sure whether Kapasitor could win or not. Surely our competitiors are came from big-big companies or some other great IT projects and well funded and well organised. They will announce it during the ceremony. The Gala will be held at KL Performing Arts Center. The tentative:

7.30 pm – Registration & Networking Cocktail 

8.30 pm – Awards Presentation Ceremony / Entertainment (in Auditorium, theatre style seating)

10.30 pm – After Party / Supper

This year APICTA is my 3rd attempt. The first one was my FYP project. The second one was last year (the same year we won Special Mention in WSA Venice). This year we have that luck on being shortlisted and finally go for the final stage; probably because uculer is the one who nominated Kapasitor this year :p. So, I thank you Aishah Abd. Aziz for being the iron lady behind this nomination.

Friends, let's pray for Kapasitor success insya-Allah;)