Selasa, November 27, 2007

Star by Adult Children

One of my feveret songs although I havent watched this drama yet. Taken from Coffee Prince OST, Korean drama. Thanks blur12 for introducing

Every time you see me
you say… so cold…

Every time you shine
but I am so tired

Star… star…

Every time you call me
you say… so cold…

Every time you smile
but I am so sad

Star… star…

Sometimes I love (the) smiling star
sometimes I hate (the) smiling star
sometimes I love (the) shining star…
goodbye, my star

(Do do do do do do do… )

Star… star… my star

Download? Here: OST v1, OST v2 and OST v3 via

Isnin, November 26, 2007

Khamis, November 22, 2007

Amaran: Waspada Sudah Bermula!

Satu lagi karya super dari Sang Idola; Si Sang Siberkop

Khamis, November 08, 2007

Kapasitor @ World Summit Award: Full Report

Halo and salam,

(Please read part 1 and part 2 before continue reading this report)

Let's recapped on what happened during my trip to Venice representing Malaysia for World Summit Award 2007 as Special Mention. Special thanks to Sharia; x-classmate from KUSESS (sha) for arranging, accompanying, advicing and touring me during my trip to Venice (Venizia). Also to MDeC for sponsoring and submitting Kapasitor to World Summit Award 2007.

Taman ni penuh dengan anjing peliharaan dan rumput kuning yg cantik

Menara kat San Marco's Square. Nak masuk ni kena bayar 6 Euro

3rd November 2007 (WSA 07 Welcoming Session and Winners Conference)

Tengah berdebar-debar menunggu giliran utk presentation

My presentation day and the opening + welcoming session for World Summit Award 2007 chaired by the president (Prof. Bruck). Sha and I came to Palazzion Frenchetti with me wearing a set of white baju melayu (one of Malaysia's national costume) and blue samping without songkok (I forgot to wear it). My presentation went well except for the q & a session where I was asked by a gentleman (one of the grand jurors) regarding copyright issue in Kapasitor. Will definately fix this matter once I got myself back in Malaysia.

This session also consists of a few other presentations by other categories. Yes, I was nervous during the presentation as I have no experience presenting in front of international audience. Luckily Sha was there to help me. It was a great experience, something that not everyone would have without effort and istiqamah (constant in doing things) and doa.

We met MDeC's Vice President, Dato Abu Talib Bachick during this session. Since I was caught in fever and Sha was not well (headache), we straight away went back to Lido for rest.
4th November 2007 (2nd day of Winners Conference)

.. read the full report here (via