Isnin, April 23, 2007

Do guys need to be a good listener?

I hv always been a good listener. But, i dont think i hv the right chance yet. Anyway, I love this piece written by uculer. Makes me thinking of someone right now.

Siberkop! Im your big fan !!

Selasa, April 17, 2007

Prasasti April 2007 and Kapasitor's widget

Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you.

This week we have a few updates on Kapasitor.

1. Prasasti April 2007
Firstly, I apologize for behalf of my team for the late publishing of Prasasti. A few technical problems occured and we had tried our best for Prasasti. The file size is now larger than the 1st issue of Prasasti because we added more pictures and more content taken from Kapasitor and various online sources.

2. Kapsitor's widget
Alhamdulillah. One of it's kind in Malaysia, we give you the embedded HTML code called Kapasitor's widget. This is for the purpose of novel and prose sharing in Kapasitor.

As we are trying our best to penetrate into social networking sites such as myspace and friendster, this widget could help us in boosting up our web traffic. You can also put the widget into your blog and share it with your audience.

The most important thing is, this is another appreciation for the loyal writers in Kapasitor. Not only we give you the oppurtunity to have your name wide spread, this widget also enables the concept of novel @ prose sharing among internet surfers.

Of course, the widget might not be as complete as it can be but I believe with the help of the administrators and the whole members of the community, we could enhance the widget and make it more reliable in the future.

Thank you for being supportive to the community.

kapasitor's new widget

Alhamdulillah, kapasitor's prose widget has been succesfully installed and running fine. I must say that this is the first time ever, a flash based widget for prose (poetries or short story) in Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillahh..

If you want to know more, visit

Selasa, April 03, 2007's analytic result for 1st quater of 2007

Salam and hello to all of you.

Thanks for your support guys. Alhamdulillah, we see a tremendous increase in kapasitor's traffic in terms of visitors and pageviews for the 1st quater of 2007. We expect by end of March 2007, the total pageviews would be around 20k but in turn out that we achieved more than that! Really a big muahs and hugs to all readers and contributors of Kapasitor.

Image 1: Jan 2007
Image 2: Feb 2007
Image 3: Mac 2007

The month of April will mark the 2nd quater of Kapasitor. In this quater, we expect more traffic and visitors to kapasitor. We, the admins of Kapasitor would like to ask your support by spreading kapasitor to your colleagues, relatives or anyone!